Research and development of such high-tech environmentally friendly products is very important, but this high-tech products used to disperse the haze, so that people enjoy the blue sky and white clouds to reflect its true value.Wood Plastic Fence, Wood Plastic Composite Supplier - Shanghai Seve...

From the development of small test, pilot, large production, to the marketing, the implementation of applications, Foster have invested a lot of energy, financial, human, especially a strong production security team and fought in the front line of professional service support team, For the new products on the market laid the foundation.hollow deck boards

It is understood that this research and development and production process, reflects the Fu Site has always been excellence: First, Foster not only continue to build their own elite technical team, the establishment of different from other paint business, Unique technology research and development department.porch furniture made from composite materials

For the Foster energy saving, environmental protection and new materials in the field of high-tech incubation played a key role. Second, in the production of security, Foster focus on quality, scale and rapid response, the production base after the use, but also built to contain the haze of the city to create a futuristic self-cleaning coatings, including Asia, the largest production scale, The highest degree of automation of architectural coatings, insulation integrated production baseplastic decking boards images

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