Lagos churches resumption: Day Star, MFM and others not ready to reopen this Sunday amid COVID-19

Arogbonlo Israel

Some big churches in Nigeria that have their headquarters in Lagos South West of the country announced they would not resume church services slated for 9 August after the lift of coronavirus lockdown order on worship centres by Federal Government and the governments of Lagos and Ogun states.

Nigeria government has suspend religious gatherings in the country since March to curb the spread of the pandemic.

The Presidential Task Force on Covid-19 has allowed the reopening of churches and mosques in the country since June but the Lagos State government did not allow worship centres in the state to reopen following the increase in coronavirus cases.

However, the Lagos State Government on August 7, approved religious gathering in the state.

But some churches in the state has come out to say they're not ready yet to reopen.

These churches have different reasons for their decisions. Some gave reasons to be preparation of the place for reopening that would meet the safety protocols of the federal government, others said they're wait to hear from God before they reopen.

Here's the full list of churches that are not ready for reopening of services this Sunday, 7 August 2020;


The leadership of Mountain and Fire and Miracles Ministries (MFM) on Friday, August 7 said members would not be gathering for service in all the church's regions, branches or zones that are in Lagos and Ogun states until 13 September 2020 as they want to put in place preventive measures against coronavirus and follow all the safety protocols as stipulated by federal government, state governments and Nigeria Cebtre for Disease Control (NCDC).


The popular Church in Lagos headed by Pastor Sam Adeyemi said they would continue to hold their services online until they guarantee safe environment for worshippers.


The General Overseer of Synagogue Church of all Nations Pastor TB Joshua hailed authorities for their effort to prevent the spread of coronavirus and the announcement that churches should resume but even though the authorities have given their stance, the clergyman has said he would like to hear from God before considering reopening of services.


The church on its Twitter said they would release date for physical gathering in church as they would only continue online services for now.


The Covenant Nation has fixed September 6 as the date for reopening of Church services. Pastor Mrs Toyin Poju-Oyemade said online services would still continue for now.

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