Ladies: Reasons Why You Should Never "Woo" A Guy

"Woo" in this context means walking up to a guy and asking him to be more than a friend to you. Like.... "Will you be my boyfriend?" undecided

Now, why shouldn't you do that? Read on:

1. It's a man's world. Let HIM do the "chyking."

2. His respect for you will decrease, even if it's just a LITTLE, trust me.

3. There's a 99.9% chance he'll turn you down.

4. If he doesn't turn you down, he won't take you seriously.

5. If he does turn you down, his friends will hear about it. Get ready to be labelled all sorts of names. smiley

6. His ego will feel bruised. He's a man. All men like to feel on top of every situation.

7. There are tons of guys who'd ask you out. Must you do that to yourself? smiley

8. If you send him signals and he doesn't pick up on the hints, HE'S NOT INTO YOU.

9. Ignore these feminists. You and a man don't share any equal rights. Pfft.

"Woo" him at your own risk.

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it doesn't really mara as long as you do it with swag and panache and never go beggy. just make it seems you are tryna do him a favour 

like seriously "tryna do him a favour ".?

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