After reading the previous article on Kruger safari, I am sure you are all geared up to get those tickets to South Africa for an amazing Safari but there is this nudge at the back of your mind. You may know it or you may not and you are trying to get a hold of the reason for the nudge. Now let me tell you. ACCOMMODATION! Yeah, that is it. And I bet you are laughing now.

Kruger National Park accommodation!. Questions like “is there accommodation on Kruger national park? What is the best accommodation in Kruger national park? How do I secure accommodation? How does the accommodation package work? Do I book for accommodation weeks or months before my travels?  Naturally comes to mind when going on a Kruger Safari.

And like my mum will always say “there is nothing like accommodation” and that’s why I have decided to write this article on Kruger National Park accommodation. Don’t forget to thank me later!


Kruger Accommodation

The Kruger National Park is massive. It covers an area of 20,000 km² (8,000 square miles) in the North-East corner of South Africa. Because of the sheer size of the Park, it is only to be expected that the vegetation changes as you travel from north to south, which has implications on the game viewing opportunities too.

You have to accept the fact that you can’t see all of Kruger. So choose an area to see and then choose the best accommodation that gives you easy access to it.

Kruger Park is divided into three (3) regions:

  1. The Southern region
  2. The Central region and
  3. The Far Northern region

1. The Southern Region

The Southern region is the most popular and it is easily accessible.  The south offers the best game viewing and the shortest distance between rest camps and picnic sites.

The road from Skukuza Main Camp to Lower Sabie Main Camp runs parallel for most of the way with the Sabie River. The panoramic scenery is complemented by a surprising amount of excellent game viewing, making this route one of the top 5 game drives in the Park.

2. The Central Region

The Central region, stretching from the Sabie River north towards the Olifants River, includes some of the best scenery within the Park, and is widely acclaimed to be the most game-rich area.

The grasslands here will give you more sightings of herd animals like giraffe, zebra, and wildebeest and because of their numbers, it is only natural to expect to find their main predator, the lion, not far away, normally resting under trees during the heat of the day.  Elephants, rhinos, buffalo, and antelope prefer the denser woodland areas, which offer shade and food

3. The Far Northern Region

The Far Northern region of Kruger, from Olifants River Northwards, is the definition of the beaten path. It is the least visited area of the Kruger Park. The area is mainly arid and flat.

There are fewer rest camps here and the distances between them are much larger than in the South. You will see far less game here but Game viewing is best along with the river systems, and this is a great area to see nyala, elephant, buffalo, cheetah, and leopard.

Kruger’s Far North is also home to the best bird watching, with rare birds that you won’t see even in Southern Kruger.


Kruger National Park Accommodations are without limits, and it can be so overwhelming trying to choose from the Kruger National Park Accommodation list, therefore, the reason why I decided to compile a few you can choose from.

While visiting Kruger National Park you may decide to choose from these three (3) different types of accommodation.

  1. Government-run campgrounds
  2. Luxury Private Lodges inside Kruger National park
  3. Kruger Private Game Reserve


Government campgrounds or lodges inside the parklet you have the unique experience of sleeping in Kruger Park. Each camp has different types of accommodations and they differ significantly in choice and comfort they offer. So choose wisely what you want your experience to be like.

  1. Main Rest Camps
  2. Satellite Camps
  3. Bushveld Camps
  4. Overnight Hides
  5. Bush Lodges
  6. Camp Site


Many people are fine with choosing the Main Rest Camps. They often come with restaurants and good Wi-Fi.

They always have first-aid and cooking facilities and some main rest camps even have a swimming pool for you to cool off after a day exploring Kruger National Park. The main rest camps include;

  1. Berg-en-Dal (with satellite Malelane)
  2. Crocodile Bridge
  3. Letaba
  4. Lower Sabie
  5. Mopani
  6. Olifants
  7. Orpen (with satellites Maroela and Tamboti)
  8. Pretoriuskop
  9. Punda Maria
  10. Satara (with satellite Balule)
  11. Shingwedzi
  12. Skukuza


Satellite Camps are always close to main rest camps. Satellite camps offer a rustic experience close to nature. There is no shop, no electricity and only a low fence separating you from the wilderness and it includes;

  1. Balule
  2. Malelane
  3. Maroela
  4. Tamboti


Compared to the main rest camps, bushveld camps are much smaller and more remote but they have electricity and offer quite some comfort. However, you won’t find restaurants and shops here. Do well to stock up on supplies before you go.

  1. Bateleur
  2. Biyamiti
  3. Shimuwini
  4. Sirheni
  5. Talamati


You might also want to try the one campsite or the two overnight hides in Kruger National Park. There isn’t much surrounding you here except nature.

  1. Sable
  2. Shipandani
  3. Tsendze


A bush lodge is an exclusive, private lodge with a unique style and atmosphere providing the opportunity for tourists to enjoy complete privacy, as only residents are allowed entrance to the camp.

There are no shops or restaurant facilities, but the kitchen has a gas stove with oven, refrigerator, freezer, cutlery, and crockery. Gas braais and barbecue facilities are provided and wood may be purchased.

  1. Boulders Bush Lodge
  2. Pafuri Border Camp
  3. Roodewal Bush Lodge


The luxury private lodges in Kruger National Park offer guests accommodation in various styles, from tented camps to premier suites. These lodges are on private concessions within Kruger National Park, meaning they have private access to the roads in their concession with no other public vehicles allowed.

The Lodges inside the park are much nicer and pretty expensive. These give you the full safari experience and most come with meals and game drives included in the price per night. They include;

  1. Imbali Safari Lodge
  2. Jock Safari Lodge
  3. Lukimbi Safari Lodge
  4. Rhino Walking Safaris
  5. Shishangeni Private Lodge
  6. Singita Lebombo Private Game Lodge
  7. Singita Sweni Lodge
  8. Lion Sands Kruger National Park
  9. Pafuri Camp
  10. The Outpost

I hope this article helped in choosing the right Kruger National Park accommodation for you? And here is a little tip if you are traveling with your kids. Try out Jock Safari Lodge, they have a series of outdoor activities and gifts for kids.

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