Kenya delivered harsh punishment to over 100 radical Muslims who hijacked a bus and tried to force Christians to recite Shadha, the Islamic creed. When they refused, all 28 Kenyan Christians were executed. Their reason was revenge for killing of their Muslim brothers.

When the Kenya government was told what happened, the retaliation was phenomenal. The group of terrorists were hunted down and captured. They were told for every Kenyan Christian they murdered, four of them would be killed. There was no judge, no jury, no negotiation. Boom, boom, boom. They were all executed.

To make the message even more clear, the Kenyan military flew a few jets over a Jihadist camp killing all ninety-five. To sign, seal and deliver the message, Kenyan sent gunships and ground troops and executed twenty more.

Kenya government is experimenting with a new plan to deal with Jihads. It’s a four to one approach. For every twenty-give Kenyans that are murdered, one hundred Jihads will be executed. Liberals, no doubt will think this is harsh. They would rather let them all sit in jail, being housed, clothed and fed until a Judge decides if they are guilty or not. Then if they do happen to be found guilty, they would just be sent back to their own country where they can murder more innocent people.

The rest of us however, find this a rather bold and satisfying solution. Let the punishment fit the crime. For every beheading, four of theirs should get the same. For every innocent person they chain in a cage and drop in water to drown, four of theirs should be subjected to the same. For every woman and child they assault, their penis should be cut off.

If we want to get this under control, all countries need to be more like Kenya. Forget about political correctness and compassion. We need to protect our citizens, our countries and do it in a language that these violent people understand. All we need are leaders and governments who don’t care what anyone thinks. When these Islamic terrorists see that they will be dealt with in the same manner they deal with others, it will either curb their behavior or they will be extinct. Personally, I prefer extinction as I see no way to reform their behavior. They are what they are and even military retaliation will not stop them. Something must be done.


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