Kanye West Seems Unhappy With Kim K As She Flaunts Her Nippl3s In See Through Bustier

Kanye fancies himself as a trend-setting genius, misunderstood by the mainstream world of fashion.

And Kanye West's creative power was on full display as Kim stepped out in what can only be surprised as a bizarre outfit on Tuesday.

While Kim may of course have picked out her clothes herself, it certainly seemed as if Kanye had been playing stylist.

There was nothing ordinary about the outfit, which saw her step out in a leather bustier featuring entirely sheer panels at the Bosom . But her visible nipples were not even the most eye-catching thing, with Kim switching out her usual high heels for some fluffy mules. Her slimmed down legs were on show in some shapewear-esque cycling shorts, a pair of Spanx peeking out from beneath - surely a deliberate move.

Notice that Kanye never smiled and was walking miles away behind her.... this Kim sef! does she not know she is married now


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