#JusticeForSylvester: Video of Dowen College student in pains before his death

Disturbing videos show final moments of Dowen college student, 12, who died after allegedly being tortured by his classmates for refusing to join cult.
Mummy I Didn't Play Ball, I Didn't Fall - Father Of Late Dowen College Student Reveals What His Son Said Before He Died
According to the cousin, this was the state of Sylvester junior before he died. He couldn’t raise a leg or an arm.

In a video posted online by Siggy, the now-deceased student can be seen with bruised lips and was also being carried around as he was unable to move on his own.

This comes after the school management released a statement yesterday, Thursday, December 2 denying claims that the student was beaten because he refused to be initiated into a cult.

According to the statement, the student only fractured his hips during a game of football and was released to his parents for further treatment.

Before he passed on, the student was said to have mentioned names of some of the students who were behind the attack, an allegation the school vehemently denied, maintaining that it was a faith-based school.

Nigerians are now questioning the authenticity of the claims made by the school, with many pointing out that a fractured hip couldn’t have caused so much damage.

Watch video below (Viewers Discretion advised):

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