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The recent report by UNICEF showed that out of 42,430 people taking refuge at different camps as a result of the recent killings in Jos, nearly all of them are women and children. What does the future holds for these children? What do you have to tell the government and the leadership in the North on this continuous killings in the name of religious crisis?

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Re; Jos Killings as it affects Nigeria.
Lady Funmi, I like to commend your frank presentation on the casualties in Jos crisis. The recurring sectarian crisis in Plateau State particularly and Northern States in general epitomizes the unabated symptoms of leadership disasters in Nigeria. It is a shame that Nigerians believes as a matter of fact that when committees or commissions are constituted to investigate an incident or unwholesome circumstance- it is a mere ritual designed to protect the “already known perpetrators”. I was been privileged to have read the 9/11 commission reports and the manifest executions of its recommendations. As we speak, the United Kingdom is probing the administration of Ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair over its involvement and funding of the Iraq War. I believe that its outcome will be superb and its execution will be fantastic. I will recommend that the Federal Government heeds the clarion call of Nigerians by constituting a commission of inquiry consisting of top civil servants who have less than two years to their retirements, and scholars of international reputes who could erode their own image by any act of self delusion and fraud. Nigerians (masses) must vehemently fight when necessary to ensure the outcome is thorough and people-centered; and implemented to the letter. We will get there when we check our ‘leaders’ and be ready to expose fraud and abuse of power.
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