If People are saying that Jos Crises is Religious one, what do we call Bayelsa's bomb explossion ? Some one some where is manupulating these things and we are calling it Religious crises.

From my thinking, Nigerians should look beyond their nose, and check the Politicians on what they are out for, becouse every one of them wants to be elected to power come 2011.

They are only making some ofthe attacks to look like it is Religious but I am not convinced that the Jos crises is Religious It is political

The Politicians should help the Nation by following the rule of game and the Law of the Land. They should not continue to waste innocent peoples life.

Osamade Christopher Nwaifejokwu

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it will be naive to rule out religion in the Northern crisis not only jos.as for Bayelsa we all know it is just about politics and power struggle there is no religion issue there.why do the muslims burn down churches? why do they attack and kill only christians.i aggree there is a bit of politics there but dont ever rule out religion
I totally agree with Mr. Ndu that religion should not be ruled out of the Jos crisis because right from the time it started in 1994, they have always started by burning down churches and killing christians. In all the crises that have occurred since then, no Government building or the house of any prominient politician has been destroyed. Why can anyone then say that the issue is political? How can Nigerians ignore the  claim by Jama'atu ahlus sunnah lid da'awati wal jihad that they are fighting a religious war?  
Jos crises has religion under tone no doubt and Bayelsa, political.


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