Many Nigerians are still talking today that Jonathan should run President in 2011 but the bottom line here is, will PDP members allow him or can he (Jonathan) be able to convince PDP members?

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Its pure and simple. Jonathan is still running the administration of Yar'Adua/Jonathan and that ticket is entitled to 2 terms of four years each. PDP is caught between its own manipulations now and the question of rotational presidency, and rotational presidency is secondary to stability and good governance. Which is more important to Nigerians ? PDP's (or northern obsession for power) or prosperity for Nigerians? I am sure we all know the answer to that question. So, these anti-Jonathan northerners should just calm down and let a good leader like Goodluck do his job, probably run for 2011 if he so wishes. After all the world now see the stark difference between Yar'Adua and Jonathan. No comparison of course.
The situation that disrupted Yar'Adua's rule was an act of God and opponents of Jonathan must be careful because it appears that God is solidly behind him. Jonathan did not cause Yar'Adua's incapacitation. Fate ended Yar'Adua's tenure abruptly. So the north should deal with that reality.

All these things unravelling in Jonathan's favor is beyond ordinary understanding of human beings. Therefore, for those who are desperate for power in the north, we say this is not a do-or-die situation, at least we are no more dealing with Obasanjo, of the infamous "do-or-die" phrase. PDP must gather their act together because Jonathan seems to be the best thing that had ever happened to PDP.
Jonathan is free to run for the presidency come 2011 but if I were him, I would have used the opportunity of now to give priority to the nagging issues in the country viz: electoral reforms, power, infrastural decay, corruption and povery alleviation or erradication. Solving these nagging will definitly endear him to the citizenry, and will position him for victory in the elections anytime he wants to run. He should not pre-occupy himself now with running for presidency in the next general elections to the neglect of the pressing issues in the country. This is a life time opportunity he has to prove himself first before talking of becoming the next president.


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