President Jonathan, have lied and betrayed his party (PDP) by unjustly discarding the PDP zoning agreement. This alone, has disqualified him to be voted for come 2011. Because if he can’t keep just a mere PDP zoning agreement, how are we sure he will keep his promises to Nigerians? Oh… I wish he will use this greatest opportunity he have to be listed among the world patriotic leaders by being a neutral umpire and give Nigerians free and fair election which will be the first of its kind in the history of this country. But he
failed to grab that life achievement, rather he choose to be the greatest
looser which will ridicule him and hunt him for the rest of his life.

If Mr. President can recall, zoning brought him to the position he is now, if not, he shouldn’t have been there neither deserve to be there. But he thinks he can use his position to advantage? No, he is mistaking. We don’t win hearts with power. On the other hand, even though he empty the country’s treasury just to buy the presidential sit, I am also warning him that he will fail woefully because this time around, money can’t lure us away from the right part.

No wonder he was regarded as a “mere political student who is undergoing a Diploma Certificate course which is refer to as practical studies in Nigeria’s political trends”. No wonder they said “he lack the leadershipqualities to run the affairs of this country”. I personally thought it’s was

just a mere talks but now without any doubt, the recent October 1 Bomb blast
have proved how incapable he is to run the affairs of this country. To my
surprise, a warning attack duly made publicly by the perpetrators and
intelligence operatives outside the country at least five days before the
incident and yet government could not do anything to stop the barbaric attack.
I think this is the most careless and incompetent government ever. On the contrary, if I may ask, what was the 50th Anniversary celebration N7.5 billion budgeted for? Is it for personal use or for entertainment and eating foods and drinks? He further told Nigerians that he knows the mastermind behind the Bomb blast not MEND who publicly admitted the attack. We want Mr. President to publicly tell Nigerians those behind the attack since he knew them
and they should be executed to serve as deterrent to others. And if he fails to
do so, then, is either he is confused not knowing what to do which indicates
his inability to handle the affairs of this nation or it’s a planned attack
just to dent the image of some political opposition in the expense of innocent
souls. Why? On the issue of zoning, President Jonathan and his Boss (OBJ) came out boldly and openly attacked the zoning arrangement in PDP which both of them were part and parcel of. We knew they were lying… records do not lie… because we have them. He should have use the boldness and wisely leave the stage when the ovation is still loudest for him.

President Jonathan, we knew you are not the kind who is hungry for power, but only dancing to the tune of your boss just for the sake of loyalty and to
cover up his lootings and unhealthy ways. A godfatherism which has taking a stall in this country. But at fifties, how could you bend your head and in silence accept a destiny that oppresses you? If you can procreate to your boss without liking, merely to satisfy the pride and selfish desire of your declining boss, then we find you despicable. At that moment you tumbled from the highest rung of respect on which we have placed you. Your reasoning, which makes a distinction to you, is unacceptable to us.


Truth is bitter when one analyses it. But none of this acts of yours is pure charity, none is pure sacrifice. Mr. President why do you have to allow yourself to be fooled and not follow the path towards peace? Why do you refused greatness? Well, if really you are an opportunist, I tell you, life will spring a surprise on you and then, you will bite your finger come 2011. What a shame! “A word is enough for the wise” they said.

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this is pure foolishness,all you care is zoning to give power to the North.without the Niger Delta oil
you wont talk about zoning.what has all the years of Northern rule brought to Nigeria other than corruption.Buhari ended democracy in 1983,IBB june12, Tell me what good we will get from IBB,ATIKU,GUSAU,BUHARI.Same old story corruption. let the president run let the country decide in the ballot box.keep your idiotic zoning in your mind.
What balderdarsh? All in the name of Zoning. It does not require Rocket Science to understand that 50 years of doing the same things over and over again will allways come out with the same result.Daft
Looking at your person, makes me wonder what this Country is coming to? The socalled elderstatesmen can be understood to be stupid and archaic but not that of Youth of today like you.
The whole critics just dont get it, but some of the PDP National officials do! You cant have Zoning and Democracy @ the same time!!!
Let the people decide who to govern them, that is the goal of One man One vote.The day the PDP constitution have priority over the Nigerian constitution will be the end of this entity called Nigeria.Removing the resources of the Niger Delta from the equation, and zoning argument will evaporate into thin air.
Such a lengthy post. i got the gist of it all from the title, saved myself the stress of reading through.
The foolishness called zoning is just for the benefit of some elements in PDP, thankfully everything back fired with the unfortunate death of President Yaradua.

Initially, i was afraid for Jonathan as i was one of the many that perceived him as been weak. Now, i feel more confident that he can play the very game that dem IBB,OBJ,Atiku thrive in.
I am so sorry for your life as you think only zoning for your dear country and not development, peace and progress. how much did they give to you to come and fool yourself in the name of coment?


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