Goodluck, His Ambition, The Electoral Process
And Nigeria
With the death
of President Musa Yar’Adua and the bitter altercations that attended his
last days way behind us, there is every need to remind President
Goodluck Jonathan that Nigeria is a work begging for urgent attention.
By now, he must have rounded off propitiation to the be...nevolent deity
that had brought him thus far. Even as he savour the glory of the cheap
praises and adulations freely spent on him by traditional hustlers and
expectant Nigerians, he must realize that his getting there is a means
and not the end itself.
We need to obey Jehovah even when we seem to be alone. The psalmist David noted the importance of integrity on occasions
when he may have been alone. As king, David led a very public life.
There were no doubt many times when he had hundreds, even thousands, of
observers. However, David learned that when he might have been
alone—‘inside his house’—he still needed to walk in integrity.

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