I'm begining to see the Presidency as too exhorbitant why must he be appointing aids all the time and old cargoes as a matter of fact, what happen to the youths and vibrant brains. It is unfair pls call a spade...because these people will paid per month

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Jonathan is running an over blotted administration. I guess he's appointing these aids just to please some people.
He is begining to lean on the yearnings of some people otherwise what does he or we need an aid on diaspora for? To look for the best place to deposit Nigerians who want to travel abroad. All this appiontments makes hi administration very expensive and i hope it does not destroy his regime
i've looked at his government and it is bigger than OBJ's .massive waste of public funds.his economic mismanagement makes OBJ look like a saint.

of course he surrounded himself wit "come chop" politicians.

If he doesn't wake up nd be his on man, his end will be worse dan imagined.


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