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What is Mobile Marketing Business Setup? Its a special business model which is often referred to as Subscription base Business(SBB. In this business model you become a service provider of mobile messaging products such as VOICE SMS popularly called ROBOCALL or VOICE BLAST, BulkSMS,SMS SHORTCODE,CALLER TUNE etc.

Why is it called Subscription Base Business? This business model is called subscription base business because the services is offered on subscription base i.e. Customers pay money to you the service provider every time they want to use the service. Its not like other products where customer will purchase a product and never return till 2-3 months because the product is still intact. This way you create cool residual income stream flowing into your account steady.

The typical example of this business model is Recharge card you and I are loading into our cell phones every day. As long as people still produce a sound with their voice, recharge card will continue to sell because they must exchange that sound with each other either on a close range or on a distance.

That's By the Way....

I am not here to talk about recharge card rather I here to tell something that sell even more recharge card and make more profit than recharge card. SURPRISED? You don't have to be, its just the fast.

Yea! BulkSMS Sell more than recharge card if you understand the business. Let's dissect it a little.

BulkSMS are used in large volume by multi-million Naira companies/organisations such as Banks,Churches, NGOs, Political Parties, Cooperatives etc. to reach their audience and a click of mouse. These organizations/ companies lodge millions of Naira on this service into the account of people that provide a platform to send this Bulk Messages and they do this regularly.

Its easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for such multi-million naira companies/organizations to spend even N10,000 on phone calls a month. Think about many days will it take you to reach 1,000,000 people with phone calls? 5 years wouldn't be enough I guess?
But with a click of a mouse these same 1 million people can be reached directly on their phone through BulkSMS. This is the very fact multi-million Naira companies have come to realize and budgeted millions for this service.

Talking about Politicians....

The great success recorded in the past election through Bulksms and voice sms made many politicians budgeted millions of naira for this for this coming election and you know what, they are eagerly looking for people that can help them execute this task of hunting for the vote of the masses through personal relationship they can create using BulkSMS and Voice SMS.

Let me give you an instance....

During the past election in Delta state a gentle man's phone range with one airtel line as the caller, the guy quickly grab the phone and straight away hit the answer button, on the phone getting close to his ear, he heard..."Hello my name is Governor Ifeanyi Okowa, I want you to vote for me for so and so reasons. I will make life more better for Deltans....."

This guy quickly rushed to his friends with his shoulder swell up in excitement telling them that he has arrived, that the Governor called him on phone asking him to vote for him. As a matter of fact I have Governor direct phone number....he said not knowing that its Voice SMS that governor used to create that personal relationship.

What Am I Saying....

Mobile messaging business will bridge the gap between you and the millions of naira you are hoping for. I just told you about the effective result this medium created for governor. It's important you note that the governor didn't sent that voice call by himself or on his platform, he needed someone who have the platform and understand it to carryout the task. Imagine if your platform was the one such message was delivered from to all deltans. Do the mathematics and tell me what you got.

Now you may not have connection with governor to send the message for him but what about the local government chairman, the house of assembly.. Ok you say I don't have any connection with politicians at all and I don't like them...What about your local Church, your Age group meeting, town union, school mates who celebrate birthday parties, matriculation, graduations, what about your friend or colleagues in the office who are getting married? they need to tell their old and new friends about the marriage/wedding. The list goes on and on...

Do you know that......

All Stores (Grocery, Department, Shoe, Clothing, etc.)
Restaurants (all types)
Religious Organizations ( churches, mosques, etc)
Bakeries/Coffee Shops
Bars/Night Clubs
Health/Sports Clubs
Video Rental Stores
Car/Motorcycle/Boat Dealerships
Recreational/Social Organizations (Scouting, Rotary, Youth, Alumni, etc.)
Media Stations (Television, Radio, etc.)

are today making much impact and sales through bulksms.

I was on the road traveling the other day and my phone beep, when I checked I saw a message from one local restaurant saying..."Food is ready at affordable price at Ben kitchen....." I was so so moved not because I was hungry but for the for sight this fellow has for his little restaurant business. He has just created that picture in the mind of people such that whenever i get to that state I will go and see this creative fellow's restaurant.

Now What's In this Mobile Messaging business for me?

Each time you or someone receive an SMS or voice call from church, mosque,friends etc someone somewhere made money from that message i.e someone that owns the platform where those message was sent from. Imagine if those message was sent from your own platform to atleast 30,000 people every week. Now lets say you are charging N1.95 per SMS which is very basic because some people charge as high as N4 per SMS even MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, ETISALAT do, and you are getting the SMS unit at 0.85kobo from your gateway provider, by simple mathematics: 30000X1.95=N58,500. Now the cost of SMS unit from the Gateway provider.i.e. 30000X0.85=N25,500(Cost of Gateway). Now lets calculate the profit, N58500-25500=N33000(Profit per week). That's Cool N33,000 flowing into our bank account every week. Multiply this by 4 week which makes 1 month...33000X4=132,000 per month. Am very much sure that for a job to pay you N132,000 every month as salary, you much have some good degree in education and possible have climb to some certain level in service and that job couldn't not even be guaranteed.

In summary.....

Mobile messaging business is something you have to give a quick thought now and immediately invest into it at a speed of light because the profit potential is enormous.

But How to I Start this business Considering the fact that I don't have per-knowledge of this business?

Interesting question, We have created this special offer with you in mind. The truth remains that you don't have to be a veteran to make huge profit or invest in this business opportunity.

1) You don't need to be a computer expert
2) You don't need to know people who will be patronizing your mobile messaging business
3) You don't need to have N500,000...N200,000, N100,000 in fact not even N20,000 or N10,000
4) You don't need office space
5) You don't necessarily need a corporate brand, bank account to start...etc

All you need is ......

1) A determined mind to succeed in this business
2) A little knowledge of how to check your email yourself
3) A little investment capital of N20000
4) A working telephone number
5) A bank account (Savings or Current) with any bank in Nigeria

We will do the rest hard work for you....

We will setup a premium platform for you just like our own with unique features you can't get elsewhere. From this platform popularly called portal, people will create account with you to enable them use these service and pay money into your bank account.

Here's How the premium Portal we will setup we will setup for you will look like;

Online Payment System: Members of your website can buy sms with their ATM card.
Content management System: meaning you can edit everything on the portal

Open Gateway: You can use any gateway of your choice. Must not be ours. If you know where to get sms cheaper, you can use their API. If you want to use our API, you will be buying sms @ 80kobo per sms! (No minimum quantity!! even if you buy one unit!!!)
Facebook application: Your users can send sms within facebook. Your users can also login to your portal with their facebook contact

Unlimited Resellers: The website can support sub-resellers under it. And even your sub-resellers can also have their resellers under them.

Voucher management system: The system support voucher recharge. You can create voucher and sell it offline just like normal mtn, glo recharge.
Have your own API to give to your users: The system has is own valid API which you can give to any portal sms dealer.

Voice SMS/Robo call extensibility: You can send robocall through the system. It comes with the application already configure.
SMS Alerts and SMS Autoresponder exensibility and many more features too numerous to list.

NationWide GSM Database: Knowing that most people who will patronize your service will always as for numbers they will promote their message to, we give our reseller the Valid NationWide GSM Database categorized in a State Wise Manner.
And for the Voice Broadcast, we are on a premium route so you are only charged for answered calls. The system retry it like 5 times if no response then the units for unanswered calls are automatically reverted to your account

So with these lot we are offering you, earning can come from;

Selling the bulksms units
Selling the voice broadcasting/robo call units
Selling the gsm database (search google and see the amount people are selling this alone)
Sell your api to people who want to be buying sms from you
Sell your autoresponder services

Take action TODAY and make a decision to take control of your financial future with your own business! Whether offline or online, you need to be able to control and secure your finances... but without owning your own business, you are at the mercy of everyone else.

It's Time To Start Your Own Business!

So that’s it at a glance.

You can get started immediately.

Here’s how:

The Cost of Us Creating a Portal For You is N20000 confirm it a

But remember, am offering you a special Gift this New Week.

All you need do now is to pay for the cost of domain name registration and hosting + The Cost for the SMS Application

But we are showing great love this Week...So we have resolved to take away the cost of RoboCall Application as a special Gift of Love.

Reason: We never want money to make miss huge income that comes from this business.

So all you have to pay is N20000

and in 2 hours.....

Your unique portal will be up and running.

Let's talk about this sensibly for a moment...

Right now, at this very second, you're standing at a crossroads.

In one direction is the same old life you've been living.

The life where it's a struggle to pay your bills...

The life where you're always wishing you could finally be your own boss

The life where you can't really believe that this is all you've ever achieved for yourself...


There's the other road, the one where you jump on this offer with both feet.

And suddenly you've got more knowledge...

... you're the boss of your own successful business

... and you've finally got the freedom you've been looking for.

Your life really could be that good... it's totally up to you.

I really wish I could take the next step for you, but I can't, it has to be your decision...

But I'll do the next best thing...

... I'll go ahead and promise you that if this business doesn't help you make money the way you want to, or if you're unhappy for any other reason, let me know within 30 days, and I'll refund every penny immediately.

From here it's up to you...

I'm waiting just on the other side to help you grab your future with both hands and finally create the life you've been looking for...
08102927978, 08119186687

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