I wonder many times how many of our young talents are wasting away doing things they not suppose to do, don't blame them though, there are little or nothing to do.


However, think of how much our so called leaders enriches themselves at the detriment of the people instead of creating jobs that can benefit them.


Lets think of it, with one million naira, a small scale bussiness can be established and say about five to six people employed to work. This alone will take at least five people off the job market and so on .....


Now, do the maths, with 20 million Naira, about 120 or more could be employed which means fewer people on the streets now employed.


Tell them to stop stealing our money and start creating jobs for the people; for that is the future will all hope for.



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These are two different issues. Unemployment is not only in Nigeria. The UK currently have 2.5Million unemployed. Other countries do also. Am only trying to preach to selfish individual politicians to invest in the economy they help to destroy. The BBC documentary is all about painting us black while this one is about helping ourselves.

This is not about personal attack but joinning hands together to build my motherland.
Please, lets contribute positively to this comments.

This discussion here contradicts your idea of the BBC documentary you made a comments about. If you know there are so many people out there in Lagos that are unemployed, then you should know that the government is worth exposing through an international media like BBC.

Mr Balogun i suggest you check some of you comments here, you might be a bit confused.


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