The wife of the Jigawa State House of Assembly Speaker was yesterday kidnapped at gun point in his country home, Sarawa village, in Kafin Hausa local government, but was later saved from the hands of kidnapers by good Samaritans.

Confirming the incidence yesterday, Adamu Ahmad, the Speaker, said the kidnappers stormed his family house and took his wife, Halima, away, but luck ran out of them as the vehicle in which they were travelling got trapped on a muddy ground, few kilometers away from the village.

Mr. Adamu said sensing danger, the kidnapers, after making frantic efforts to get out of the car, decided to abandon the vehicle and the kidnapped woman, and thereafter took to their heels from the villagers who have been chasing them.

A few days ago, it was a botched attempt in Kaduna, today it's Jigawa.

I guess we are waiting for this to turn into an international crisis before we seriously tackle it. I am sure the Somalian pirates started out on such humble scales and grew bolder as the world folded it's hands and watched.

The kidnap scorge in the southeast and Abia state in particular will eventually catch up with the rest of the country who have so far left the problem to the incompetent governor.

Now is the time to stamp these out before we have the Russians and the Chinese dropping in on us to effect arrests on our soil!!

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