Jade Osiberu laments Over the Respond Police Officer Gave Her

Nollywood Filmmaker and Director Jade Osiberu has taken to her social media handle to lament the state of Policing in Nigeria.
According to the award winning film maker, she got scammed  of fifty thousand naira on Instagram and reported the case to the police but they failed to  follow up the case . 
According to her, the police advised her not to pursue the case hinting that she will spend more than the stolen amount in the course of chasing the scammer.
she wrote
"Got scammed by a fake IG grocery vendor (50k ff), never happened to me b4. Called a police contact telling him I have the guy's account details so it should be an easy arrest. He said, just let it go. It'll cost more to "help/empower" the investigation. Naija is a s*** h***"

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