I strongly believe it is only the divine POWER of GOD can SAVE us from defeat.

Nigeria has come a long way and thus needed constant change in the system of government.


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I don't know what u mean that it is not within our power,People make changes happen,Egypt,Tunisia,now Libya stood up against Brutal regimes.We all can stand up and fight corrupt leaders and force them out of office.God cannot come down on Earth and do it for us,He always use human beings to do things.How can people keep suffering in Nigeria despite all the billion dollar of oil money coming in?

@chris. That's exactly the point. Our people have become too tolerant of activities of few corrupt men and cabal who holds the nation by the Jungular.
Much as we all believe in God  and trust him for change, but we are the instruments of that change.  Change can only come through man's conscious effort and in the case at hand, it is through our votes that we can achieve it.  I hope you are among those expecting God to send his angels to bring the change.
@ Chris I trust you. It is all I mean. We all should turn to him like the people of Nineveh did. As for fighting for our right that is VERY SURE we all must stand out! Thank you Mavos and Charles for your wonderful contributions.


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