Lagos is a state where anything can happen. Lawlessness is a big law in the state presently especially in its metropolis where agbero boys and traffic wardens are having good relationship as far as money is concerned.

           Traffic wardens dont do thier primary assignment anymore in Lagos; they don't check particulars anymore, they don't even want to know whether  a motor is roadworthy again. What they do now is to sit at  a corner  and start controlling  and commanding  Agbero boys to collect my from commercial bus drivers on their behalf. To the boys, this seems like a chance to enrich their pocket because they never 'deliver' in full.

         Any stubborn driver who refuses to pay N200 at some checkpoints in this mega city is risking torture from  both parties [agberos collect N100 while the police collect N100].

       The effects of this sharp practice are; high cost of transportation, non-road worthy vehicle plying freely in our roads, possibility of kidnappers taking this advantage to do their works without fears and; delays in getting to ones destination.

      Agberos are also taking this advantage to deal ruthlessly with drivers. I witnessed a scene along Lagos/Badagry expressway where an agbero boy beat a driver to a pulp all because the driver refused to pay for the two parties. The poor driver insisted on paying only N100 for agbero. The warden literally supervised the beating!

    The problem here is just that we live in banana republic here in Nigeria because the story is almost the same everywhere in the country! 

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Semiu, it is not the duty of traffic wardens to check vehicle particulars.  Theirs is to ensure orderly conduct of motorists and smooth and free flow of traffic on our roads.  What is happening as you have stated here is an abuse of office by the parties concerned and it is the duty of motorist in Lagos to fight back by reporting the erring officers to appropriate authorities.
Reporting to the appropriate authorities is like reporting a with to devil. They are all the same. I forget to include the fact that on this very day that I witnessed, some police officers were there catching fun by looking at the scene.
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