From the Punch article on the new Police IG's order: He said, “All squads, teams or any other investigating outfit operating under whatever name are hereby dismantled with immediate effect and they are to be under the original structures recognised (sic) by police standards." Brackets are mine.

Thus, the IGP want to abrogate an already obtuse police settings to render them virtually redundant? And what is the "police standards"? Is the IGP telling us that the NPF has never been constrained to even its own standards hitherto? Or did it deviate from these vaguely defined "standards"? If so, how so? And when?

"The affected personnel include those from Special Protection Unit, the Mobile Police Force and conventional policemen posted as guards to companies and individuals."

Using the IGP's logic, we should start imagining all banks without the presence of anti robbery squads.

This order has a lot to do with creating unwarranted media circus than it does about tackling our lingering state of insecurity. Therefore, his myopic order is dead on arrival.

Suffice it to say the order from the IGP is as preposterous as the recidivist policing institution he's trying to rehabilitate: passing a gigantic reformation bill is the antidote to solving our nation's rotten security apparatus, not some garrison fiat that doesn't carry water.

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