Isolated? Improve your final year project research with 3 cool strategies

More than the greater percentage of the world’s population is observing free-time at home; a free-time that is common for a reason but quite unusual. The Covid-19 pandemic has otherwise proven that we could still make something good out of a bad situation. So, for undergraduates, writing or gathering resources for your final year projects research, I guess you have to cease the moment to make something good out of your isolation state.

While in isolation, there is need to build influence with your network of friends, academic contemporaries, research group and research/academic mentors. Your success in this action you would take, will pull a lifeline down the lane of your final year project for promising and astounding research outcome.

So here are 3 cool strategies to help you improve your final year project research while in isolation

Ask engaging questions regarding your project topic

Your network of friends, research and school mates are stuck at home, seeking how to escape boredom, learn, earn and laugh. Having this in mind, your question could be an icebreaker. Throw challenges and puzzles weaving them around your project topic; ask direct questions too to the ‘serious one’ that you are sure to get great responses from. However, remember they are bored, so you have to make it appealing enough. How?

Offer perks for best answers

Offer perks for the best answers you will get. That way, a lot of people will be engaged because each of them wants the gift item; whatever it is. Your offer doesn’t have to be so expensive; it is either airtime giveaway, a pay for lunch – preferable by cash transfer or anything that is transactionable digitally since everyone is in isolation etc. This is the best way to have your answers in different shades and perspective while making them learn, earn and laugh.

Engage your academic mentors

While in isolation, I’m sure you do know, that your mentors are in this together; they also need an ice breaker. This is an opportunity to remind them of your final year project, the project topic you are working on, how far you have gone and where you are currently needing help.

Ask for their opinion on issues you will raise, tell them what you think and how much they agree or disagree. Allow them vet your write-ups and also some add some more points of view.

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