Isnt better we put the change now and for the rets of years to come.

For some years back, we have been complaining of bad government, lack of job opportunities, underdevelopment and all sorts of backwardness. For all these years, we have been suffering under the coat of N65 per litre, while millions of tanks of our own fuel been export to near countries by the few rich men in our country. And that is solenmly why everybody to striving to enter the oil sector(d only sector with an optimum investment). Wat abt all other sectors like agriculture etc? Cant they been invested in? Cant we change our life focuse? Why always depending on fuel as dat is d only thing we are can benefit from. For me, removal of fuel subsidy has come to stay in Nigeria. Lets see if we can do something with other sectors especially Agriculture!

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Removal of fuel subsidy is not the issue here. Bad government is the issue. Can you explain to me if you can fill a basket laced with holes with water? There are abundant waste which there is no focus in reducing i.e endemic corruption.

If there are sufficient workable refineries there will be no need to import fuel hence no fuel subsidy . No opec countries import fuel for local consumption. If the barrel of crude in the open market is say $100 Nigeria is buying the crude back once refined with other Bi products for say $1000. Tell me who in their right mind will run his own business like that?

Nigeria have thieves who have no love for their country running the affairs of the nation. All they think about is to steal with impunity. A fearless leader that is not compromised would have done something about the endemic corruption. For years this subsidy runs between 300-500 billions. All of a sudden under Mr president it is 1.3 trillions in short months.

No one analysed why the sudden increase, considering there are no increased consumption of fuel. The whole country looks like a war thorn state. People are impoverished and  you have thieves wasting valuable funds on worthless mansions abroad. US which is bigger in size and population has less people running the country, plus earn less considering the standard of living and the minimum wage which is far higher.

In summary most civilised government looks after its citizen not themselves. They are servants of the people

Am vry hppy 4wat u said dats all may dat wants 2 kill poor önes

It is unfortunate that many Nigerians have allowed themselves to be deceived by the antics of NLC.  Nigerians will know better someday.  If we must match forward as a nation, we should as a matter of fact support deregulation policy of the government.


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