Islamic banking is a welcome development.Let no body bring religious sentiment into it.I'm a devoted christian,but that does not stop me from accepting good policies and programmes from other religious sets.If I want to criticise it on the ground of been a christian,a question will arise from my mind,and that question is,can christian form a formidable bank that charges zero interest rate.Islamic bank is good,we need it in Nigeria.Let not criticise it on religious sentiment.If I can not lift 50 kg cement and my friend or enemy lifts it up,I will praise him.If Islamic bank starts operation in Nigeria,and we find them to be better than other banks,we all have to commend them. On the issue of Boko Haram they should be called for a round table discussion,and government should grant them amnesty like other militant groups Nigeria.Many are dead because of their activities,they are citizens of Nigeria,and what should be the top priority of every government is protection of lives and properties.So,based on the above,if granting amnesty will bring lasting peace to the security threat posed by this group(Boko Haram).Let it be done without delay.

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islamic banking has a hidden agenda, if not why religious connotation. Non lnterest bank can work with our coventional bank. Grant them low interest or o. In case of boko haram, what are they fighting for. Is it cow or yam that we pay for. Militant in niger delta fight for there oil, Nigeria is exploiting from them.
Thanks for saying your mind but the bank has more than that meets the ordinary eyes.


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