Cook for him, surprise him with meals, and learn to make his favourite meal so that he will not go outside.”
For many a woman, one of the ways to show your partner that you are prepared for marriage is by cooking. Because of this, women spend their early lives in the kitchen.
Yet, the evolving society continues to question the ideals that we were raised with.
The best cooks still have cheats as partners. There are happy marriages, some claim, where the couple does not cook. After all, they argue there is a reason chefs and restaurants exist.
In another class, there are men who never tasted their wife’s meal but still chose them. Still, there are some who believe that if they must eat, they must learn to cook. These kind are specific with what goes in through their mouth.
Then there is the problem of monotony and man’s desire to explore other people’s meals. Adventures which might involve him trying out the benefits of fasting.
Perhaps, we could blame it on the “woke” and evolving society or on the realisation that pleasing a man goes beyond food.
There are exceptions. There are meals that make a man a customer for life. It wanes his anger and makes him fulfil his “other room” duties as he should.
Food or not, to each man his own!

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Well, that's kind of a sexist, don't you think? Why does anyone find a way to man's heart through his stomach? Men can cook too! And they do it as good as women.

Yeah, the times when it was woman's duty are in the past. Everyone can cook now. I just love it despite the fact I'm a man. Mostly I like to cook meat. But it's hard to do it, when you only got simple knives. I wanted new knives for a long time. But I didn't know where to find a good set of knives. Then one of my friends recommended me to click here and read an article about knives. And so, I bought a whole set of these perfect kitchen tools. Now I can cook with pleasure.

I wouldn't refuse such a way of conquering my heart c: However, I cook on my own since I bought a multicooker. Check there reviews on different models. So, if someone wants to find a way to my heart through my stomach then this person should show all their best skills.

Yet it is practiced here in Asian countries. As in our culture it is still a strong belief that way to a man's heart is through  his stomach. So 95% of wives know how to cook. They have been through the process of helping their mother in their kitchen with a basic steps of slicing and cutting of vegetables and meats. After marriage wives go for chef like practices like they choose best chef knife  and they mostly prefer japanese brands in this case.


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