Is the EFCC serious about fighting corruption in Nigeria?

when will corruption ever seize from this country when EFCC can only bark and not bite the patricia ette, the bankole, the obj, the ayoku adebayo,
the oni segun.... pls someone should tell farida to go to sleep and
stop deceiving nigerians. professor dora tried rebranding and ended up
rebranding the pockets of some of her kinsmen. who is still hearing her
voice again. shame on those shameless politicians

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How can they be serious when, they themselves are corrupt. They are all politicisn. Make God help us.
EFCC is a joke,they go after easy targets.what of IBB,Orji Uzor Kalu,Tony Anenih.and many more.
Without much ado,I humbly associate myself with ur view - but not without a comment or two. The home truth vis-a-vis the issue is that E.F.C.C boss is unarguably subject to the superior powers of Mr President.Circumstantially,the powers of d president in the proces of appointing any person,efcc boss is squarely untrammelled.Invariably,the emerged boss is bound to be, as long as his days in d office last,tied strongly to d appron string of his appointor - mr president.By rightful interpretation,d efcc boss is an employee of d president and thereful subject to d directives,mandates and instructions of mr president. Thats why efcc is statutorily anti-corruption body but practically, d arsenal from where mr president deploys sophisticated weapons design for crushing to inanimate silence, his suspected and comfirmed political dessidents in his route to higher political ambition.From d hapenings around d country over d yrs vis-a-vis d excercise of prosecutory powers by efcc, i make bold to say,without erring on d side of clarity,that efcc and other sister bodies are stooges and equaly serve as deadly weapons to d office of mr president.Finally,we al should not be disappointed in d way efcc go about their duties, for they are mere window dressing primarily used as political vendetta by Mr.President. God bles us all.
we need a party change in this
country,serious.even though i
like GEJ
i think the problem is from PDD.
Bridget,EFCC has never been a force,it is a tool by OBJ to punish his enemies.chek his friends in power who are corrupt never get arrested.the same system continued,selective war on corruption.God help Nigeria
The EFCC is serrious about fighting corruption, but Nigerians are not serrious with fighting corruption. You would agree with me that vertually almost all Nigerians are corrupt. i would not be supprise if you also fall into that category as well.

It is high time we as individuals begin to qustion our self on the kind of nigeria we really want.
EFCC means well for the country but its hands are tied. The powers that set it up are the same powers crippling it. What an irony!
EFCC can only function to the limit that the powers that created it wants it to. If it goes beyond the wish of the powers that created it, it will be seen as running foul of the law. Incase you do not know, there are a lot of untouchables in the country. The law is meant for the commoners.
I am not sure any right thinking Nigerian would like to associate Prof. Dora Akunyili with any misdeed. She has done well for the country and it will take a long time for her records to be surpassed.
Yes it is true that Dora Akiyuli has good records that is difficult to surpass but she also has her dirty sides which if not checked will ruin her. As minister of information what happened to the money emarked for out station broadcast van approved by FEC under her memo on request for those vans to be used the junior world cup held in Nigeria? Were are the vans? When asked she could not defend her involvment. What is she re branding? The ordinary man on the street has not felt any impact on her rebranding campaign. If her hands are tied she have should done the honourable thing and left when the ovation was high.

Charles Ugochukwu Okere said:
I am not sure any right thinking Nigerian would like to associate Prof. Dora Akunyili with any misdeed. She has done well for the country and it will take a long time for her records to be surpassed.
EFCC cannot solve the corruption menace of Nigeria. It is a way of life introduced to us way back by our colonian master and since then it has eaten deep into the fabric of the nation that we have come to leave with it. What we need is attitudinal change by all Nigerians towards corruption.


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