IS RELIGION REALLY EVIL? - (originally published in Vanguard)

IS religion evil? Wait, don’t crucify me yet. Read below and make up your mind. Even Jesus Christ had a sham trial before Pontus Pilate before he was crucified. I contend that religious wars have killed more people than AIDS, malaria, famine, holocaust all put together.

That is a fact. People have committed atrocities, discrimination, murder, hatred, rape under the disguise of religion and in the name of God. Osama Bin Laden is killing people in the name of God. Mullah Omar and the Taliban have denied women education and freedom in the name of God. David Koresh, “the last prophet” of Waco Texas, raped and physically abused young children in the name of religion.

Bob Jones Christian University refused to enroll black students until 1971 and forbade interracial dating until 2000 based on religious beliefs; “that God intended segregation of the races and that the scripture forbids interracial marriage.” Pat Robertson and Jeremiah Wright preached hatred, intolerance, discrimination all in the name of God Almighty!

Esther my friend has avoided her mom for over 10 years. “Witch craft is not my portion” she insists. Their relationship has been strained ever since her 83-year old father passed away. Their pastor insists he was killed by his wife, Esther’s mom .

“That is what happens when a Christian marries a Muslim, light and darkness don’t mix” he explains. It didn’t matter that he was elderly, diabetic and with a bad heart.

Between 1933 and 1945, six million innocent people including children were tortured, and massacred by the Nazis in Germany. Some sent to humiliating concentration camps where they were subjected to agonizing mental maltreatments.

Their only crime; they were Jews! On September 11, 2001 the landscape and mind set of America were changed forever when 3000 innocent people were murdered in their primes by fanatic lunatics fighting the “holy war” jihad in the name of Allah.

In 2009, Nigeria saw a blood bath, again, in the name of God when some idiots decided to kill innocent people in an attempt to stop the advancement of western technology. The leader of the faceless cult Boko Haram was “accidentally” killed in a crossfire by the Nigerian Military. Found in his possession were 6 or more different cellular phones… the same technology he was fighting to abolish!

A friend once proudly told me that he knows Nigerians could be fraudsters, con artists, drug peddlers, 419s but that “they will never blow themselves up.” Those were the good old days before Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab, a privileged son of a wealthy Nigerian decided to upgrade Nigerian CV to include international terrorism when he attempted to blow up flight 253 from Amsterdam to Detroit in the name of Allah. What a shame!

There is no ideological justification for strapping explosives in your underwear; just plain craziness and stupidity. AbdulMutallab can now meet his 70 virgins without his balls! Since he has successfully castrated himself, he should be a beautiful bride to his fellow inmate Richard Reid, the shoe-bomber. Underwear bomber meets shoe bomber.

The fact that he still has any teeth left speaks volume about American kindness. Were that to be in Nigeria, there would have been rubber tires around his neck and his burnt corpse deposited along the road. Better still, his body would have been ridden by “accidental discharge” by the Nigerian Police.

May be religion is not the problem after all, just a few deranged criminals using the name of God to commit atrocities. Food for thought.

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Religion is not evil and can never be.  It is only human beings that have given religion an evil face.  God designed religion as a tool to help man gain access to him, but man has subjected religion to serious abuse thereby making it seem evil.  it is not evil at all

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Religion never asks for bloodshed. Whomever you follow - Christianity, Islam, Hinduism. You will find a common saying - Humanity is above all. Despite of race, color and culture.

It is those priests and people who want power of whole world in their hands provoke human against human. Also the illiteracy, and unemployment is the major cause. An empty brain and stomach is the home of a devil and that's what the world is going through.

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