Considering the facts the united states have blacklisted nigeria bcos of its alleged involvement in the farouk umar attempted bombing,the questions that are left unanswered are quite a handful, most disturbing to me is, if Nigeria is an extremist state.
Could it be that US considers Nigeria as a exterimst state?
if a Briton attempted to blow a plane and Britain was not blacklisted, why is a boy who studied abroad and is only Nigerian by blood attempt to blow up a plane and nigeria gets blacklisted, even after warnings from his father?
maybe the US remembered that we are members of the organization of Islamic countries(oic), or they remembered that we were trying to go into Islamic banking,
or could it be that they remembered the extremist killings of boko haram, or was its that they remembered the cancellation of the miss world beauty pageant due to Islamic protest?
in most recent times, the jos extra religious killings or the protest in kano state over the prophet being catooned?
i haerd someone said its bcos of the recent bauchi killings,
it appears that the happenings in middle east have a direct consequence on nigeria, could this have informed the decision of the US? or could it be that president obama tried calling president yar Adua and the phone did nt go tru? he asked for the Commander in Chief of Nigeria and there wAS NO RESPOSE? OR COULD IT BE THAT THE 2012 ASSERTION, THAT NIGERIAN STATE WOULD FAIL, made the US blacklist us?
As nigerians, when we look inwards, can it be said that nigeria has any trace of EXTREMISM? if we do, how do we help ourselves? if we dont, what went wrong?
this article is not an attack on islam, but raising cases of etremism in nigeria, as nigerians we should ask ourselves EXTREMISM AND TOLERANCE which is profitable to us as a NATION?

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