i used to have dat mentality dat love is all dat matters to say yes to a proposal,but come to realise is nt.i nw tink otherwise wot do u tink.

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To me i will say yes if a proposal is being offered the engine room is yes, meaning acceptance from heart.

yes, love is ALL!

maybe what you mean is lust or crush, but love is very enough and the only reason to say YES

for me,i would say different srokes for different folks meaning every individual have their own definition of love,some might account love to comfortability which is appropriate to them,others may account love to understanding and some other might account it to what the heart feels.whatever the reason might be its enough to say yes since the foundation is love.

Genuine love is enough reason  to say yes in a relationship. For any relationship deviod of love is not worth having at all.


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