Is it right to freestyle undergraduate research materials?

Research materials both new and old are meant to be explored; for good numbers of times that research are conducted, something a little different is added to effect some changes. The question of whether one can freestyle undergraduate research materials requires a careful response since it takes from the two sides of scheduled structure of presenting research materials and the freestyle.

Let’s look at what I mean in details

 Normally, undergraduate research follows a strict stipulated structure for presenting research materials for undergraduates; such structure varies with institutions that issue it as well as the academic faculties and departments the research is ensuing from. Now following the laid down structures is compulsory since it provides leads for undergraduate researchers from the start to the finish of their research.

Nobody will choose your grammer for you while detailing your research materials from chapter to chapter, but consciously or unconsciously, and whether you like it or not, the stipulated structure for you research will have to shape whatever you are doing including your choice of words, the style of presenting issues etc. creating little or no space for the freestyle moments.

Undergraduate projects are organized as much as other forms of advanced research. Reason is this:- Any mistake made anywhere will have to reflect somewhere in the research material in figures or in words. For instance, the choices of the undergraduate project topic automatically influences whatever choice you make in your research methodology which is the project chapter three.

Again, the choice of research technique, sampling procedure, research population and the related research phrases will automatically detect what happens in the succeeding chapters.

After all these explanation, what comes to mind is if the place of free styling in research still holds water. The conclusion of the matter is that, following the stipulated structure laid for the research does or make room for freestyle in undergraduate research.

Undergraduate research is organized and formal and makes no room for favorites.

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