Led by former Head of State, Dr. Yakubu Gowon, the group also asked Jonathan to scale down the Seven-point agenda of President Umaru Yar’Adua to Four.

The four critical areas of focus, according to the group, should be free, fair and credible elections, energy and power, infrastructure, as well as peace and security. Now tell me what will then happen to the other three remaining Agenda. Are we in order or are we being deceived?  

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Four/Seven point agenda was only a farce we Nigerians are coming to terms with right now. Yar'dua was only an imposed candidate that was unwilling, unprepared with no knowledge about governance just like his predecessors. It's a pity that only in Nigeria in a democratic dispensation would and ex-president claim to know who was going to succeed him in office. The practice just reveals wholly the sham and mediocrity we have on display in our very eyes called electoral governance when infact it could and should best be termed as selective manipulation of a few shenanigans whom have lost regards for peoples' right to elect leaders whom they want to hold accountable.
Nigerian politicians are not interested in building instituions of governance that makes democratic norms hold sway. rather, they are only interested in festering their percieved parody of myopic interests to the detriment of the popular voice of the people.
The only way a government will ever succeed in Nigeria is through job creation! job creations!! and job creations!!! This is only achievable through carefully planned masses oriented projects that springs infrastructural development which encompasses our daily life.-Energy, Transportation, Education, Healthcare, Security and professionalised policing, revamped and re-engineered agricultural revolution through modern mechanisms and institional governance through the entrenchment of law and order and the supremacy of justice over all would have been the yardstick with which to achieve all these.
Obama in his state of the Nation address made emphases about this regards. Jobs Jobs and Jobs.
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