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Mr. Amana,

May I suggest you take a look at my offer? For $50 a month the training and hands-on applications will make reading of ebooks to inspire one just something extra.  No offense but my mentor's offer gives one 12 instant affiliate marketing platforms to act upon immediately via various forms of marketing. Six main marketing online forms offered at 6 week intervals for each one). One has access to over 50 webinars centering on marketing online globally. The site teaches one how place all on auto-responder, once you set it all up. You are introduced to programs that can take your youtube video and distribute it to 70 plus websites and podcasts. As the success rate of video marketing is based on amount of viewers to witness, you can tell how successful the video is by such numbers shown on the site.  A very good video not marketed correctly can die a slow death. The program I'm in teaches one how to gain mega-traffic when posting one's video. These things I've mentioned prior are just the tip of the information made available daily. Information about only 3 percent of online marketers and multi-level marketers are aware of worldwide.

Please, come take a look, it is revolutionary in the online marketing industry.

Thank you,


PS: If you join up under my link: , do know I will introduce you to one of our members whom is placing one video on youtube daily for a whole year.

Thank you for this moment.

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Have you heard about Dropshipping business? It's a business model you can start without investing money to buy products. 

It's just like selling products like the popular Jumia and Konga, but this time around you're not the owner of the products. In fact, you won't see these products while you sell them. 

All you have to do is receive payment from your customer and send the payment to your supplier, your profit is the difference between the amount you buy from your supplier and the amount your customer pay for it. 

Mind you, you only pay your supplier when a customer pays you. So, there's no risk involved. It's a good business for Nigerians, you can start and sell to any part of the world. 

However, to be successful you need to choose a profitable product niche for your store and learn how to create a dropshipping website


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