Yes, it is very possible but not without caution. Health supplements particularly vitamins enhance the general body performance especially at old age and they happen to be more beneficial when combined with the recommended dosage per time. It doesn’t happen that way all the time, as a matter of fact; it could be harmful and may likely be interrupting your metabolism process.

Usually, health supplements are supposed to interact with the food diets you have eaten and combining different supplements could actually complement the interaction for better result. But this could actually lead to a competition in nutrient absorption.  The effect is that the absorption of one supplement in large quantity could limit the absorption of the other supplement making you deficient in one.

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Secondly, combining supplements can actually lead to bad interaction between supplements; this is always the result when patients adopt self-medication. When you combine supplements that are naturally not compatible, they interact with each other negatively and apparently led to poor effect of the drug on your body.

The principle of “if  a little is good then more must be better” does not apply to drugs not with supplements either; if you adopt overdose and it’s bad for you. Optimal nutrition requires what is called recommended daily allowance including diets and supplements. So there is a limit to what you can take in the right proportion. If actually you must combine health supplements, it must be a prescription from a medical expert. The daily consumption of supplements per dose must be moderated for better outcome.

Understanding first, that supplements are meant to fill up the functions which your body system are no longer obliged to do and that they help to quicken the slow processes which your system in beginning to experience, you will begin to see reasons why all supplements are not meant for everybody.

Health supplements are taken according to what you need and at what proportion you need them. So, you must follow a moderated amount per time to reach the required amount you need. Taking it all at the same time is actually a great idea but sorry you can’t.     

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