Introducing Your Must-Have Power Solution for Your NYSC Service Year

Another NYSC batch camping season is almost here again Fresh graduates will be looking to serve their fatherland. We all know that we cannot always get to serve in popular states of choice like Lagos, Rivers or Abuja. While we pray that our posting is favourable, we should also prepare for the worst case scenario – having to serve in remote villages in far-away lands. With this in mind, it is vital for us to be prepared for this.

While getting your needed items for the trip, realize that you are going to a new territory. An area where there is no guarantee of good power supply, where generators are a luxury item and town is far from you. You will need an alternative power, a device that does not depend on PHCN, that can power your fan, light bulbs and mobile device. It also gives you access to a radio, and gives you an opportunity to play your favourite songs in your memory card. You can get this from a Sunbox.

The Sunbox is a power device that is capable of powering a fan, three 3W LED bulbs, a radio, memory card for your MP3 and external devices, 3 USB ports, and a charger to charge your mobile device. The SUnbox comes with a solar panel for your alternative charge.

When fully charged, the device can power one fan for 6 hours, your mobile device for 8-10 hours, and the 3W LED bulbs will remain on for 11 hours on a full charge. Your radio can last for 7 hours and speaker run for 5 hours. It is your most trusted service companion.

The best part is that it comes with a warranty of 1 year. So, you are assured of power supply for the whole of your service year.

The Sunbox is available for sale here.

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What will happen this year? Should we start preparing for the same conditions as last year? Are you sure you all stocked tents and batteries? I would like to spend this weekend in comfort.

I don’t know how the others are but I didn't wait and bought the best deep cycle battery charger, look the review. This is a very convenient device for traveling outdoors and when organizing camping. We need to be prepared for everything. Do you agree with me? My father believes that the future is in electric modes of transport.


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