It is interesting how the search for new project topics suddenly becomes a matter of concern for final year students in tertiary institutions. Good to know that some students have their project routine already planned out including their choice of research topics. But how about those who do not have a plan at all; those who have issues choosing a project topic or even battling with an anchor choice for their research. Good news is, there are ways to help out.

Choosing a project topic is easy if you know your ways around it. Now, I want to share few hacks that will make your research topic search interesting, easy and realistic.

Recommendations of further research

More often than not, undergraduate projects often end with recommendations of further research. One major reason is that the research cannot go  beyond it’s objectives; and to make the research manageable, it has to be limited at that level. A lot of recommendations have gone unchecked but if you would, go revisit previous research papers, you’ll have too many project topics to choose from. Hack one down.

Trends, events, places, people and lifestyle

A physical examination of environmental factors, events, people, places and lifestyles are smart ways to harness fresh project topics for undergraduate research.


Brainstorming is more achievable among a study team. It helps you gather ideas from carefully thought subject areas that may interest you within the ambits of your discipline.

Check previous project topics

Previously researched project topics can be instrumental to gathering new topic ideas. Simply changing the variables under study is a smart move; understanding the date or timing of that previous research and the need for a fresh one is another instance.

One can hardly find an area of research which is yet to be explored especially at the undergraduate level of research. To make the research process interesting enough, students should look at previous projects,  recommendations, environmental factors etc.  to anchor their research on. You can either start from where other researchers stopped or coin a new topic idea.

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