Interested about upgrading your jamb scores? Note these exam guides

Soon, candidates who have enrolled for the 2019/2020 Joint administration and matriculation board examination, (JAMB), will face the examination squarely. I've been made to understand that JAMB candidates are already printing out their Jamb examination ‘print-out’ to know the jamb center they have been posted for the upcoming Jamb computer based test. What I’m not so sure to answer is the question of how many of the Jamb candidates have the nuggets of passing Jamb CBT handy with astounding grades; who are also willing to upgrade their Jamb scores.

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Upgrading your JAMB scores require a little more effort from you the candidate and some level of obedience too. So the following are some notable examination guides you need to make better grades in your JAMB examination this season.

Follow the instructions

For JAMB computer based test, there are series of instructions displayed on your computer screen once you sit for the exams. The first instruction on the screen is and I quote:-

 “Read the following questions carefully before you choose your answers”

With the tension that the exam brings especially for first time Jambites, the possibilities of choosing the wrong answer for a very familiar question is there. Please read carefully

Follow prompts on the screen

On the screen, the allotted time you have to finish up your CBT is displayed; also displayed is the time left to finish-up your entire test.

There is also an option to omit a question that you are not very sure to answer correctly. In this case, a click on omit will skip that question for the next question.

There is also a prompt to change subject when you wish to do so. The navigation key takes you to your JAMB subject choices automatically.

So you have to master the prompts and know which one to click when necessary.

Arrive early to your JAMB examination center

One of the reasons students perform poorly at exams is poor punctuality habit. When you arrive late to your JAMB exam hall, you are thrown off-balance almost shaking and confused too. It takes you time to relax and start up. Recall that once your exam time starts, your time starts reading and you have to run with the little time you have left. I advise you to arrive your exam center early, start early, finish up early and take time and crosscheck your answers.

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