What are the ways security agencies should adopt to improve the security situations in this country?

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The problem that is seemingly crippling the supposed efficacy of our various security agencies is squarely technical. In number, we have almost more than enough. The zing of any security network lies not much on the number of persons constituting it but on the tactical and technical wizardly of those members. The home truth, therefore, of inherent inefficiency in our security agencies is that they are in all ramifications, not technically well-equipped. Thus, criminality which has completely gone sophisticated, is far more ahead of them. They are left with nothing other than to dwell in the cosmos of immagination and confusion. What a regrett! To get our security agencies working, they must be properly trained in line with modern day reality. Everything has gone scientific, our security agencies should not be an exception. Various satellites launched cannot be optimally utilised without corresponding sophisticated training of our security personel. The faster this is done, the better for the country.

They need good training.  They also need to be properly equiped in order to contain modern day terrorism.



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