Innovative Long & Short Term Investment Strategies In Nigeria!

Hello Brethren,
Greetings In Jesus name

My names are Evangelist Omotala Kehinde. I am a retired banker and i worked with UBA Bank. I am also a Deaconess with the

Living Faith Church (Winner's Chapel) Goshen Abuja FCT.

During my working days i was a member of Nigerian Business Fellowship Forum and other related business forum both in Nigerian and abroad.

I would like to give a testify on how i was fled from financial stagnation. In 2010 when i traveled for seminar at Lagos.

I meet a man by name Onome Reuben whom introduced me to some online E-Buissness Programs.

At first i was skeptical about it but as a Christian, i prayed and decided to give this a trial. To be candid, i quarreled with my husband over this issue, God forgive me for disobeying Him but somewhere, somehow i was positive about this investment.

I gave it a trial with the sum of N100,000 and behold i made a geometric increase when i got my ROI( Return On Investment)

Brethren, i am here to refer people to this business and you wish to know more about this, kindly send me an email to [email protected] or add me up on face book with omotala.kehinde

How it works

20,000 10days 3,500 35,000 55,000
40,000 15days 4,500 67,000 107,000
50,000 15days 5,500 85,000 135,000
100,000 20days 8,500 170,000 270,000
200,000 20days 17,500 350,000 550,000
500,000 30days 40,000 1,200,000 1,700,000

For more detailed information about this business login to

Remain Blessed

Evangelist Omotala kehinde
My phone contact : 07033524354
[email protected]

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