The world thrives in information and communication; what you listen to, how you listen to it, what you watch, from what channel you watch it, from what perspective, and from whom you heard it are all that defines the information and communication cycle of the 21st century. These factors and even more have motivated a research project topics in mass communication like the one under review. It seeks to examine the ‘influence of ownership on media credibility.


The mass media is very influential for information dissemination. Whoever owns it can leverage its resources to decide what people listen to, what they view, what they read, what they talk about, and from what perspective they see the information.


In addition to the cost of acquiring a license to own a media station, media ownership have become very attractive to political leaders and influencers alike as it has become a tool to help make the masses see the world from their own lenses not without choosing what they want them to listen to, watch and talk about.


Like this project, it intends to find out, the credibility of news coverage and reportage could be influenced due to its ownership. Consider a government-owned TV station, for instance, information regarding the ruling government must not be aired without due scrutiny because nothing must be aired against the interest of the ruling government. The same thing applies to privately owned media stations that perhaps belong to a particular political party, a certain region, a religious sect, etc.


Moreover, the ownership of media stations could be indirectly influenced by the activities of advertisers. No media station can survive financially without advertising and its resources except if it is internally funded. Therefore, whoever pays the piper calls the tune. The possibility of projecting a negative reportage about your media financial sponsor- poor leadership, an irresponsible leader, a bad politician, etc is very slim.


These and more are what this project topic seeks to find out in this empirical study.



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