“However, our core areas of demands remains the university funding, 70 years retirement age for members in the Professorial cadre and the creation of Research and Development units. if i get this right, it sure means that the above points are the reasons behind the current strike action by ASUU, I must tell you how disappointed i am in ASUU, cos its not worth it - don't we have an EDUCATION minister? what is his job? and by the way who is he/she? - issue like this are meant to be presented and defended by the EDUCATION minister. and for Gods sake how long will this last, considering the present chaos in the country, how many of it can the president attend to at the same time - fuel subsidy problem, boko haram, PHCN, 2012 BUDGET, bad roads etc. ASUU please call off the strike and partner with the EDUCATION minister, lets save time for the future of this country.

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