Importance of Job Interviews for Employers & Applicants

An interview may be defined as a formal conversation with someone, designed to extract information or assess their suitability for a position. Job and selection interviews are necessary in order to for the employer to get first hand information and knowledge about the employee as well as for the employee to know more about the employer and also get more information about the organization before joining them.


Basically, one just can’t take someone he/she just met into his abode without proper scrutiny or fact finding in order to regret it in future. Same also applies for companies, recruitment agencies and employers as they would like to scrutinize and investigate anyone who is interested and qualified in joining them, the prospective applicants career ambitions, philosophies and goals must match with the company’s strategic goals and objectives in order for employment to take place after them interview process.    


Companies and recruitment agencies places great importance on interviews as they are really interested in getting accurate and essential information about the candidates and also established a good rapport with the prospective employees. Most employers settle the various terms of employment with their prospective employees during the interview process.


Most companies, even after conducting series of written examinations and aptitude test for their applicants still apply oral interview at the last stage of the recruitment process before employment is offered to the candidate. I once went for an interview, and one of the questions the interviewer asked me was if I knew why I was called for the interview.


The Interviewer would also like to sell the company and her image at a premium to the applicant in order for them to know why it is absolutely imperative for them to know why they have to get employed by the company.  


Companies and employers having more than the required number of qualified applicants suitable for a particular job resort to job interview in order for them to sort out those candidates best qualified and suited for the job and place them into various departments and sections within the organization.


Another essential reason why companies conduct interviews for prospective employees is to judge and evaluate the suitability of the candidates for the job, basing this on the job and organization manpower requirements.


Applicants and job seekers need to as matter of high importance, place major emphasis on job interview as it is the critical factor that determines their employment suitability by the company or organization they are applying to.


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