Impact of the Twitter ban on security threats and information dissemination

Information and communication channels constitute a major aspect of human existence and survival strategies, and in this digital era, the means of communication have spread across several channels creating a source of symbiotic relationship for both the new media and mainstream.


This project topic focuses on the impact of the Twitter ban on security threats and information dissemination. Following recent events, the federal government of Nigeria has placed a ban on the use of Twitter in the Nigerian social media space. While this ban lasts, this project topic seeks to dig into the impact of this ban on national security threats as well as information dissemination.


Considering some units of analysis in this project, the world as it is, is currently digitally linked, following a consistent information flow from the mainstream media (television, radio, and newspaper) and the social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, telegram) alike. But there seems to be more engagement with information on the online social platforms than the mainstream which is where the ban on Twitter leaves a gap.


Before the era of social media became popular, news houses relied on correspondents to get information that often doesn’t come in real-time. News gathered today would be reported the next day as it were. Later on, social media platforms like Twitter provided an avenue for crowd-sourcing real-time news although it lacked censorship, unlike the mainstream.


In recent times, however, social media channels like Twitter is more than just an avenue to crowd-source news, it has become a place to locate news ideas, story sources, monitor feelings and reactions and discussions from the masses.


In essence, micro-blogging platforms like Twitter serve huge importance to the mainstream media channels. They feed them with constant information in real-time while also helping diversify their reach in information dissemination.

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