Impact of customer relationship management on small retail stores

There is a relationship between a successful business and good customer relationship management. Businesses that invest a lot in customer-relationship building hardly get it wrong. The project topic under review seeks to find out the impact of customer relationship management on small retail stores. While I leave you to check the full project, let’s do a prelude to the topic.

Customer relationship management in business is not a one-off activity; it is a practice, a process that must be built continuously as long as the business exists. It is more of a business behavior than a solution to the business problem. Customer relationship management requires you to learn more about customer’s needs and purchasing behavior to build a stronger relationship with them.

While business growth can be achieved through good customer relationships by diversifying their marketing communication channels including direct sales, online sales, franchise, leveraging social media channels, and marketing agents more could be achieved by

  • Understanding customers’ habits, opinions, and preferences

  • Profiling individuals including men, women, children, pregnant women, young adults, babies, aged to help you classify their market needs per time while promoting your marketing efficiency.

  • Adjusting on your market operation to accommodate customer preferences

  • Giving discount sales, giveaways, raffle draws that involves customer engagements from time to time

While this project is particular about the Impact of customer relationships on small retail stores, we will consider the benefits of good customer relationship management on businesses at large. They include but are not limited to;

  • Helps to increase sales

  • Enhances targeted marketing by understanding customer purchasing behavior

  • Help in predictive marketing

  • Help in cross-selling complementary goods

  • Helps you identify which customers are more profitable and not.

  • It helps you maintain loyal customers and enhances business growth and popularity

They say that the best marketing strategy is to have a satisfied client. One way to achieve this is to build a loyal customer base. If you take your relationship with customers personally, you will understand what they love and prefer. Making them loyal to your offers becomes inevitable.

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