Nigeria is one country that nobody can afford to be ignorant of basic legal principles that affect his life on a daily basis. Apart from law enforcement agents, ordinary people are prone to take undue advantage of their fellow human beings, unless you know your rights or you have an idea of what the law says on a particular subject matter.

You may be lured to sign an agreement that transfers your property to another, even when the other person has not paid a dime for such transfer due to your ignorance.

LEARNING THE LAW IN NIGERIA is a book written in simple language purposely to empower Nigerians so that they become more familiar about their country's laws. This book will make you less vulnerable, if you can get your copy.

“This is an extremely invaluable book, a generous eye-opener and a most empowering asset any non-lawyer can possess. Its themes are broad, covering every possible issue. Its treatment is simple, presenting grave issues in accessible language...This is a great book indeed.”  Ayobami Ojebode, PhD


“This is a unique book. First, as a Legal Practitioner and now a Judicial Officer, I have noticed a serious lack of knowledge of general principles of law among non-lawyers in Nigeria and that gap is what Kehinde Adegbite’s book has come to bridge. I recommend it for all.”   Justice M. L. Abimbola, Chief Judge of Oyo State.

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