If you are studying for examinations, five basic exam tips would help.

 All things being equal, examination period should give students another opportunity to revise what they should have read since the beginning of the academic session; but sometimes, things turn out the way not really expected and students find themselves fighting so hard to meet up with the study outline and all. This has become conventional I must say; so much that while some scale through, others are caught in the web of struggling to meet up with their target.

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Studying for exams for some is quite easy to some but some students find it challenging to settle down and study. Now am not giving you tips on how to pass examination, am only going to help you with significant principles that will guide you while studying for examination.  So here are some exams study tips that will help.

Study ahead

If you have the opportunity, the best way to study for examination is to study ahead of time. This means that you wouldn’t need to study with pressure. You know as soon as exam date is announced, every study table suddenly becomes a hot seat for the unprepared mind. Studying ahead means that you will have the opportunity to consult as many books as you can, and take time to do revisions till the exams date and time table is published.

Do not cram

One of the popular but risky practices students indulge in is cramming; they forget that once you forget a line or a phrase, you are at good chances to forget everything. Instead of cramming while studying for exams, study to understand. When you assimilate the concept or the entire idea, try to give it an interpretation from your understanding.

Back-off when your brain is saturated

Ever heard of information overload? That happens when your brain cannot take any more information than it has already taken. It happens so when you study too; that’s why some people tend to sleep when they are tired of studying for a long time. I will also advise that when you cannot understand anymore, no matter how much or little you have read just back-off and get back moments later.

Take advantage of any environment that best suits you

Some people study well when the environment is noisy while some need a calm environment to really study. Some others can easily dose off if the study environment is too conducive, so they adapt better when the environment is a bit stuffy. Don’t be surprised, those are individual differences.

So once you understand what best suits your study culture, please take advantage of it when you see it and get along with it until exams are over.

Study at your own pace

Never try to imitate another’s study pace; if you can only study per hour, dedicate that one hour meaningfully. If less, engage it meaningfully and be consistent about it. If you can sustain for about two to three hours and more, bravo. You may break down if you do not take it as your brain would appreciate it; what matters more is how much you understand and remember what you have studied. Besides, you are studying for exams, so keep it coming and never relent.

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