Knowing what Nigerian situation is, and IBB in particular knowing how the Nigerian masses can be manipulated with his stolen billions, no one can rule out the eventual imposition of this evil man on Nigerians.  But, as usual, the ones who will risk everything because of that temporary crumbs this butcher of Minna will provide in addition to the majority whose lives will be mortgaged again, will have to put up with these certain tragedies in waiting.


1.    There will be several heart attacks because of the simple fact that IBB had come back to terrorise them.  At least, the re-emergence of IBB must have destroyed what hope is left of civilization in Nigeria and will definitely cause mass psychological breakdown.


2.    The day IBB is "elected", many dissident groups will be born in Nigeria just for the fact that a terrorist is now in power again.  Make no mistake about it, these with be dissidents in good cause. AND sadly as it will be, these "dissidents" (as IBB will label them), will make MEND and other Niger Delta militants a child's play, because they will be everywhere in the country and not just a region such as Niger Delta.  These "dissdents" must have been pushed to the wall with no hopes left, and the damage they will be willing to do to IBB and his government can only be imagined.


3.    Whoever thinks the era of IBB will bring peace is merely thinking about the opposite.  If IBB plans to suppress mass action with soldiers, he has got some surprises coming.  This will be year 2011 and not 1985.  Nigerians are far more sophisticated than when he massacred and intimidated people at will.  Even though we expect him to rule Nigeria with Iron hand just like his compatriot OBJ did, but because of the past criminal records of IBB, the approach to his wickedness will be total response from the underground.


4.    To summarise, a regime of IBB will witness and unprecedented upsurge in militancy in Nigeria.



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Whatever he forgot in Aso rock we will beg Turai to help us give it too him. Anyway, it is good to dream and aspire. There is freedom of speech and association and he is a nigerian so let him excercise his rights.


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