Idol worshipping is strange religion to kingship — Oluwo of Iwo condemns idolatry

Controversial Yoruba monarch, Oluwo of Iwoland, Oba Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi, has bemoaned the worshipping and presence of idols in king palaces.

Controversy as kingmakers demand removal of Oluwo
According to the traditional ruler, kings are supposed to be representatives of God on earth and hence, should not be found attached with idolatry.

The monarch made the submissions in a statement made available to newsmen by his Press Secretary, Alli Ibraheem.

The monarch maintained that idolatry was alien to kingship, noting that crowns are sacred, authoritative and the exclusive property of God.

He believed that the worshipping of idols by monarchs is simply a human way of making a secondary means of communication.

Oba Akanbi, who challenged the infiltration of idolatry to subdue the sacred symbol of God on earth, stated that the foundation of every crown is God.

According to him, “God is the king, that means the palace where the king lives should be the house of God.

The only odium and rival of God in that palace are the deities or idols. There cannot be two kings in a palace.

“Idols must not be in a king’s palaces. Go and tell the kings. You married a wife and she brought another man to the house, how would it be? That is what the kings in Yorubaland are doing to God. Yet, they are looking for God’s blessing.

“Our fathers who were monarchs who worshipped deities were wrong. I take a bold step to apologise for their mistakes. The damage deity worshipping by monarchs has caused us is monumental. I will lead the path to right the past mistakes in the Yoruba traditional system. We can celebrate our exceptional fathers, we must not worship them unless we want our children to worship us too.

“Idol worshipping is a strange religion to kingship. This is not about Christianity or Islam. It is a pure dictate of the Creator after creation. Kings as representatives of God prime responsibility of promoting His oneness from worshipping His rivals”, further stressing that only monarchs carry the same name with God, but the same monarchs are promoting His rivals."

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