Although, it's a welcome development that lbori is being punished for the wrong he's done. But the question is, "Is it only lbori that's guilty of corruption in nigeria? What of others, even many part & present leaders participating in the present elections?"

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Ibori's corruption was with such impunity that people thought he 'was god of corruption.' And don't be suprised if u hear Ibori has bribed Prime Minister Gordon Brown of Britain on BBC news. Lol... Yes, he is such dangerous that he even bought Obj.,Tony Anenih,and Justice Uwais over with his stolen wealth just to escape his ex-convict's case. He confused the judiciary and even the media then. Like a train on a high speed, nothing stands on his path of corruption and succeeds. His leftover sins u can see in the person of Gov Uduaghan his cousin. So,can u see why his judgement is great? His sin is still on course, but hopefully by next saturday's election,we shall be through with this 'sins of Ibori' in Delta State.
There is time of justice for everyone, it may not come at the same time.....Tafe Balogun had his own, Bode George just had recently and sooner or later Lucky Igbinedion will have his(?) . My brother, something will happen that will creat way for justice to be done on any....The death of  Yar'dua  open road for Ibori justice to take place.  Believe it or not, if Yar'dua was alive  Ibori  case would have died a natural death. Note some people (corrupt or not) may not get justice on earth here and while some will.
Ibori is not the only corrupt politician in the country, but someone has to be used to set an example if the fight against corruption must to be won. 


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