This fight is only for their selfish interest and not for the common man.Immediately the Vice President was sworn in the next agenda was to remove the AG who's not only a disgrace to the legal Profession but to the country.Removing him no doubt was a good step but i know sooner or later Waziri will be removed all for a purpose.....


the fight between James Ibori Vs Goodluck Jonathan continues all for 2011


but i know that your Goodluck will continue to follow you and i pray you have good advisers





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I will say let the polical sunami begins. Removing that inept Aandoka, the AGF should not be the end> he should be prosecuted for obstruction of justice and using his office to protect politicians who are rogues and criminals. The acting president should dissolve the FEC because this current one have the hallmark of the exiled president. As a result, he is leaving brimestone on top of the roof to sleep. It is a political suicide. Ibori still have a case to answer. Now that his protector he subscribe to has been removed. Let see how he fairs justifying enriching himself stashing away billion of dollars and pound sterlings as a public officer. Whilst the people he was supposed to serve are in advert poverty. Remember, Ibori was one of those clamoring and insisting on keeping Yar' dua and his cronies on inspite of the fact that the president was incapactated by code blue. As ffar as the nigeria milittary is concerned. They should be decentralized with baracks and head of command strategically moved to all part of the country. this will make communication and logistics a bit difficult and consequently-coup difficult.
I also pray for Goodluck. May God grant him Solomon and deny him Ibori and his likes. I will Pray without cease for Goodluck because I hate to experience the failure of whom I love, But if Goodluck cannot handle that mantle, let him signify on time so that strategies would be forwarded. The cheapest strategy I can offer is to anchor an athletic tackle to Aso so that the Rock would fall and shamble according to the 12 tribes in such a way that each tribe would unanimously say, "we have pitched our tent here" Uhuhuhuhhhahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Now that God has lifted Goodlock higher than his opposition ever imagined, I wonder what their next plot will be.
Though it is only The Most High that can uplift and enthrone a person like that, so...What is there to be afraid of? If God has opened the door to Joe boy, who can close it? ..."But fear not for I AM with you" I also pray that Goodluck will not forget where he is coming from, and continue being faithful to He that has made him who he is today. FELICITACIONS to you, Mon Presido!


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