I was directed by God — Woman caught keeping dead mother in apartment for nine days

It was a gory sight for residents of Universal Road, by Medical Store Road, Okhoro axis in Benin City as the decomposing body of a septuagenarian, Mrs Agbenese Oshoma was discovered in an apartment, nine days after her death.

What happens to our bodies after we die - BBC Future

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Curiously, two children of the deceased; 60 years old Grace Osagede and 58 years old Theresa Suberu knew of their mother's death but kept the news to themselves and left the body in their apartment for the whole nine days, until the offensive odour from their house forced neighbours to barge into the house to behold the bloated body of the elderly woman.

Osagede said she was instructed by God not to disclose the death of their mother to anybody.

It was gathered the two children went about their normal daily chores inside the house while their mother's corpse lay rotting away.

When the offensive odour became unbearable, the neighbours mobilised and barged into the building only to discover the decomposing body of the woman, everyone in the neighbourhood called "Iye", old woman.

The older sister, Grace Osagede told the people that she had instruction from the Lord not to disclose the death of their mother to anybody, a position that was corroborated by her younger sister, Theresa, who said her elder sister asked her not to tell anyone as "instructed by the Lord".

When contacted, Edo State Police Command Public Relations Officer, PPRO, Kotongs Bello, confirmed the incident.

He said; "The police evacuated the corpse. The sisters were not arrested because there was no reasonable ground to arrest them. Every family has the right to their culture and since there is no evidence to show that they compromise the law, there is no reason to arrest them."

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