By Emma Ujah,
Abuja Bureau Chief
ABUJA—FORMER Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, revealed, yesterday, that he would contest the 2011 presidential election to give Nigeria a much needed change from the old order of corruption, insecurity and economic backwardness.

Ribadu who was addressing newsmen in Abuja on his determination to run for the presidential elections  said that groups of like minds who wanted a change in the nation were working with him to actualize the dream of a prosperous country that would be the pride of all Nigerians.

The anti-graft czar, however, did not mention the party platform he would use, but assured that he would make it public within a short time, especially given the limited time between now and the election.

He said: “I am still consulting but it is going to be very soon that we are going to make a decision on that because there is no time. Like I said, the responsibility of all of us coming together must be exhausted to see that we have a chance in such a way that we can move in our country a platform that is going to be national.”

Ribadu, however, ruled out the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, as a platform, as according to him he would reveal many things to Nigerians about PDP.

He said: “There will be a lot of time to talk and so much to talk about. There is so much to talk about PDP, to educate Nigerians about PDP.”

The former EFCC boss said he had a dream of a new Nigeria where infrastructure facilities are efficient and Nigerians, irrespective of ethnic background or faith would be secured and prosper, adding: “I have a dream of a new Nigeria and I have a dream to change Nigeria. I want to see if there is possibility of opening a new chapter for the country and those who are in charge somehow certainly need to give chance for the country to move forward.

“My team is going to be the best that Nigeria offers. Whether you are old or new, it has to be the best of Nigerians and I want to be part of that team that will certainly save our country and give it a new lease of life. I won’t want to categorise it as a generational thing but certainly, you know where I am now. If you want to judge by that I want to see the possibility of capturing the vision of the majority of Nigerians who are disenchanted and I certainly belong to that  group.”

Asked if his decision to contest the election against serving President, Goodluck Jonathan; former Heads of State, Generals Muhammadu Buhari and Ibrahim Babangida as well as former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, did not amount to a David and Goliath battle, he simply said: “David enh”.

On whether he was not scared that corrupt people would fight to stop him, Ribadu said: “I have always been fighting in my life. When I was in the police force, I fought armed robbers physically with guns I survived. I fought gangsters, I fought 419 fraudsters; I fought big-time corrupt people I have survived, I am still standing Nuhu Ribadu, I believe I will also survive this.”

Ribadu said he paraded the best qualifications among the contestants and was convinced that he had what it would require to give Nigeria a new lease of life, going by his antecedents, experience and exposure both in Nigeria and at the international level.

He noted: “I have experience in public service. I have put 25 years of my life into the service of the
Federal Government of Nigeria in the executive capacity. After that of course I served outside of Nigeria. I worked and acquired international experience. I had the opportunity to set up an agency. I ran it for five years, I was in the economic team (of the Obasanjo government); I was a federal prosecutor and remain there longer than any other person. I was a police officer, a community worker. Tell me which president of this country who had that experience before coming into office?"

Ribadu said he would make security, power and education his priority, explaining that they hold the key that would unlock the potentials of the Nigerian economy, adding: “I want to re-make Nigeria. It will be a fresh chance for us to re-make ourselves. I want to make a nation out of our country. Immediately I will insist that we have security. No time to waste on that. I want to see that immediately we solve our power problem.

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Having good intentions alone is not enough.However l believe Ribadu is joking or simply trying to cause mischief. Otherwise with the Presidential election just a little over 3 months away and without any manifesto or visible platform except intentions it all sounds ridiculous. While many Nigerians like him many saw him as mere appendage of Obasanjo whose enemies he harassed in his days at the EFCC. Let him not take Nigerians for granted.
Cambridge,MA USA
Ribadu has every right as any other aspirant to aspire to become the next president of Nigeria. Apart from Goodluck Jonathan, Ribadu is most impressive of those parading themselse for the presidential primary. My prayer for Ribadu is that those dangerous & desperate out of date gamblers, demented & serial looters fighting to perpetually recycle power among themselves do not hunt him down. Nigeria needs a bold President who will use the long arm of the law to purge all the corrupt individuals – in government, public or private Organizations. Enough is enough with these pot bellies & unstable mind or dad's old brigade! I wish Ribadu to please, pray always & God will surely protect him especially from the toxic reach of the geriatric open teeth Victorian General. Remember what they did to Idiagbon who waged war against indiscipline both in low and high places in Nigeria then. God bless Nigeria.
Mike Edo - Criminal Psychologist (London).
It is not enough to have good intentions; winning an election needs more than rhetorics. A credible candidate, mark the word 'credible', will require an effective political framework and presence on the electoral field. In as much as we achingly need change in our political leadership, the electorate will need to be cajoled into confidence and energised to a point that they would see the candidate as a potential receptacle of their individual and coporate dreams. What this means is that the populace will need mobilisation to produce the synergy that comes from protracted electioneering. I am yet to see such a mass movement sweeping the country, which must be the case for success to be assured. I still think that working under the present incumbent would have put him in better stead for any future election; failing that he should hold his thunder until a more auspicious time.
He is more than qualified to be the President of Nigeria. He has so many enemies, I mean those who looted the Country. Therefore, they would do everything to ensure he does not get nominated in any of the parties. Remember, many Nigerians who cast the deciding votes are illiterates. There has to be a massive education of the masses to understand what Ribadu means for Nigeria.

Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
Malam Nuhu Ribadu has stated his intentions, as he said not many of those running have his qualifications of doing so. If he is truly running for the fruition that he believe he can deliver quality incentives to the people of the country, let him run. I wish each and every aspiring candidate the best of luck and God's protection. Nigeria scares me so.
Frankly speaking, I have no doubt in my mind that you have those quality you measured because they are fact that cannot be hidden. However am doubting the sencerity behind your action. I mean, how can you actualise this dream of yours when we just have four mouths for the election yet you dont have structure on ground. I cant beleive you even if you are looking for governor talkless of president. Ribadu, you may not know this Nigeria youth believe in you do not allow yourself to be used. Am seeing the hand of OBJ and Jonatan clearly at work. A word is enough for a wise.
Good talk. Ribadu no doubt means well for Nigeria; and as a citizen with all the relevant qualifications and experience, he is more than qualified to run for the presidency. I wish him well. We need people in the class of Ribadu who can bring the much desired change in the country. But my fear is that he will face the battle of his life from all the corrupt politicians in the country, who will go to any lenght to stop him.
Its interesting to hear that. I believe the like of Ribadu is what we need in this Country. Ribadu never fought anyone who committed no offence. whether a tool in the hands of Obj or not, He have fought those who committed financial crime, whether Obj's enemies or not. They are criminals that's all. Keep moving Nuhu Ribadu, Sincere Nigerians are solidly behind you. I wish Some who passed away were alive today to see with their eyes and contribute their quota.
good talk MNR, you ve what it takes to be the president,but talks and rhetorics will not do the magic...ur percieved enemies are watching, i believe you watch your back,but my candid opinion is that you support GEJ,work with him to see the new Naija we all envisage!!!i wish you all the best...
Truth is highly incontrovertible, panic may resent it, malice may distort it and ignorance may deride it but yet it is, going by your words it is very clear that you are a true epitome of knowledge and ready to link with the truth , as well open the hiden secret of the so called top politician full of greed and selfishness in all ramification. But my fear is this, can you truely accomplished your mission within a short period remaining for manifestation campagn, for proper actualization of your dream. Best of luck Ribadu.
Engr Kayode Bamigboye from UK
Miscreant having fun. we'll see
Ribadu,I knw u hav good intention for my dear country nigeria but how wil u accomplish dis,even in ur desired party,there are corrupt people who wil always want to pul u down,how wil u handle dat b/cos u may b good & hav corrupt followers.i wil suggest u work wit good luk for total eradication of this stigma,cal corruption.GOD bles NIGERIA.


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